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About Us

The Republic Geodetic Authority - RGA is a specialized organization carrying out technical and administrative tasks related to state survey, land cadastre, real estate cadastre, utilities cadastre and registration of real estate rights, their maintenance and updating as well as other assignments defined by the Law.

  • State survey, real estate cadastre and registration of real estate rights, its updating and maintenance;

  • Technical documentation development;

  • Basic geodetic tasks;

  • Production of the National Basic Map - NBM;

  • Maintenance of the Register of Space Units – RSU

  • Establishing of house numbers, numeration of buildings and marking out of quarter, street and square names;

  • Keeping the register of house numbers, and street and square names;

  • Cadastral land classification and land evaluation;

  • Stipulation of cadastral income;

  • Land development through land consolidation;

  • Connection of geodetic networks and exchange of geodetic and cartographic data with the neighbouring countries;

  • Establishing of a geodetic information system;

  • Management of the state survey, plan and map technical documentation archive;

  • Professional supervision;

  • Normative activities

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